Advent Waiting…A Reflection & Prayer

Posted by on Dec 14, 2017 in Pastor's Blog

We wait.
We are in the middle of Advent…waiting for Christmas.
But I am not a very good wait-er.
I want to know, “Are we there yet?”
But we are not there yet.

And so I pray:

O Holy One,
Waiting time seems like wasted time…
Waiting for the phone to ring…
Waiting for the rain to stop…
Waiting for a Yes or No…
Yes, waiting time seems like wasted time.

Gracious God,
I need your reassurance that waiting is not wasted time.
That all of time is in your hands.
That your purposes hold firm, no matter my distractions or my impatience.
You say, “Now is the accepted time…now is the day of salvation.”
But I wonder if your “now” is different from mine.

You see time from eternity; I want change NOW.
You see the slow transformation of the heart; I want immediate action.
You see from the infinite perspective; I want my problems resolved in real time.  Now!

Now, in this middle time of Advent,
remind me that I, too, am pregnant by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Remind me that day-by-day I, too, am being enlarged with hope and anticipation.
Remind me that Christ, the hope of glory, is born anew in and around and through me in your good time.

Come, O come, Emmanuel.