Merry Christmas

Posted by on Dec 23, 2020 in Pastor's Blog
Merry Christmas

Our usual activities have been paused or changed in our upside-down world.  Our “normal” Christmas season can be a hectic time of year.  This year, Christmas 2020, we face celebrating in a world that is very different from “normal.”  It may be planning how to safely spend the holidays with family, figuring out ways to keep kids entertained once school is out, or facing the first Christmas without a loved one, we’re all navigating new territory this year.

Mary, Joseph, and Jesus found themselves out of their normal routine that first Christmas, too. Mary, a virgin, had miraculously conceived a child. A census decreed that she and Joseph travel far away from their home in order to be counted.  A stable meant for animals was the only place they could stay.

Indeed their world was upside-down too.
This Christmas, we remember that God works in unconventional ways.

The birth of Jesus showcases how God can take the most unlikely people in the most unprecedented situations and pour out God’s blessings. That first Christmas gave us hope.  That first Christmas showed us how much God loves us all. No wonder the angels sing.

This Christmas, we celebrate Christmas in new ways. May we remember that God is still at work, even in an upside-down world.  After all, God has done so before, and I am confident God continues to do so today.

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Dan