7 Dec 2014

Advent Reflection #2

One of my favorite Christmas/Advent hymns is “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.” When we sing this in worship, I often find myself humming its simple, yet haunting, tune days later. Even more than the tune, I resonate with the words. Emmanuel (or “Immanuel” or the Old Testament Hebrew) means “God is with us” or “God among us.” In other […]

2 Dec 2014

Advent Reflection #1

Advent is about the many ways in which God comes to us. God came to us in the past, historically, as Jesus at Bethlehem. We celebrate that birth on Christmas. But God did not just come once, God continues to come to us in many ways, through prayer, through study, through conversation with others, and through our neighbors […]

25 Nov 2014

A Blur & a Hum

As a pastor, I think my most important task is to help us see God at work. I desire to show how God has worked through the lives of people in the Bible; I also want to illustrate God at work in and among us today. The challenge is that most of the time, we see only glimpses […]